I Bassifondi

Most of the 17th- and 18th-century music for lute, guitar, theorbo and archlute was devised and written down to be played in consort with different instruments.

Such authors as Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Francesco Corbetta, Alessandro Piccinini, Robert de Visée, Giovanni Battista Granata, Sylvius Leopold Weiss and many others either composed their solo pieces with an added continuo accompaniment or arranged them from the original tablatures into regular multi-part scores. Moreover, in some more explicit instances, they wrote directly for a consort of lutes, or for lute and various instruments.

Several period chronicles witness on how such multi-instrumental music used to be performed. Guitarists were typically expected to be accompanied by theorbos, colasciones, lutes, and vice versa. Relying on written testimonies as well as on musical and iconographic sources, the ensemble I Bassifondi, founded and hand-picked by Simone Vallerotonda, aims at rediscovering and offering the audience that repertoire in chamber format.

Their debut album “Alfabeto falso” was nominated in the ICMA 2018 (International Classical Music Awards) among the best Baroque instrumental records.