Church of the Holy Cross
Św. Krzyża 23


O dolce amor Yesu – medieval laude 


Madonna santa Maria

Chi vole lo mondo desprecçare


O Virgineta bella

Dami conforto


O dolce amor Yesù



Plangiamo  quel crudel basciare

Onne omo ad alta voce

De la crudel  morte de Cristo 

Pecorelle pien d’errore

Plangeva la matre con gran dolore

Sepulto Domino



O divina virgo flore

Gloria in excelsis Deo

Iesù Cristo glorïoso


The concert focuses on mediaeval laudi – both monodic and polyphonic compositions – written in early Italian language for voices and instruments dating from the 12th to the 15th centuries. The dramatic texts such as De la crudel morte de Cristo (Of the cruel death of Jesus Christ) alternate with sweet songs on the Virgin Mary (O Vergineta bella) and religious contrafacta onpopular tunes sung with accompaniment of such instruments as harp, lute, viol, flutes and drums. Micrologus from Assisi, one of the best known ensembles specialising in mediaeval and early Renaissance music, designs a route from the early monodic laudi sung by first confraternities in Umbria during the 12th century to the polyphonic laudi typical of the Italian quattrocento (that is the 15th century), often contrafacta of famous songs of the time (the tradition of “cantasi come”).



Micrologus – ensemble