A series of night-time concerts at the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which offers an opportunity to reflect upon the mystery of the Assumption. During each of the concerts, the performing artists ease the listeners into the unique auditory ambience. The musical events are intertwined with the spiritual context of the Holy Week, allowing the participants to gain a deeper understanding and experience its sacrum. Each of the concerts is a solo recital by a virtuoso harpsichordist presenting truly unique pieces composed in bygone eras.  


Pierre Hantaï – harpsichord 

In his recital, Pierre Hantaï will skilfully combine compositions by Renaissance and Baroque masters, enriching them with his virtuoso skill and refined expression. The repertoire covers works by William Byrd, John Bull and Johann Sebastian Bach. 

In programme: 

William Byrd (1540/1543–1623) 

John Bull (1562/1563–1628) 

Johann Sebasstian Bach (1685–1750)