Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion, as interpreted by Jordi Savall, offers an extraordinary musical and spiritual experience, which allows the listeners to explore and experience Lent in an even more profound manner. This dramatic piece was first performed on the Good Friday of 1724 at the Church of St Nicholas in Leipzig. Now, 300 years after this event, we can once again experience the ingenuity and virtuosity of the famous composer while exploring the story that to this day constitutes the cornerstone of our culture.



The Baroque masterpiece will be performed by Jordi Savall, leading two extraordinary ensembles – La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Le Concert des Nations. The Gospel of St John which underlines the divine nature of Jesus Christ and His transcendence resounds in Bach’s composition, which portrays Christ not as a sacrificial lamb, but as the fearless Lord and King of All, who is heading to vanquish death itself – the text and the sounds of the score highlight this in a profound way.


The tradition of reading and performing Passion works during the Holy Week takes on a new dimension, when it is experienced at the highest level of virtuosity, embodied by Savall and his ensembles. St John Passion tells the story of the final moments of Christ’s life with the tenor part Evangelist, who guides listeners through this musical masterpiece and profoundly symbolic event by quoting the passages of the Gospel. Johann Sebastian Bach also enriched the Gospel narrative with Passion poetry by Barthold Heinrich Brockes, Christian Heinrich Postel and Christian Weise, as well as the texts of traditional religious songs, and in doing so he crafted a mystical and deeply moving story of the Passion, but most importantly an account of Christ’s triumph over sin and death.



Evangelist: Jan Petryka – tenor

Jesus: Manuel Walser – bass



Miriam Feuersinger – soprano

Raffaele Pe – countertenor

Ferran Mitjans – tenor

Christoph Filler – baritone

Maid: Elionor Martínez – soprano

Servant: Ferran Mitjans – tenor

Peter: Oriol Mallart – bass

Pilate: Christoph Filler – baritone


La Capella Reial de Catalunya

Le Concert des Nations

Jordi Savall – conductor


This concert is part of the YOCPA project, Youth Orchestra and Choir Professional Academies, led by Fundació Centre Internacional de Música Antiga and co-funded by the European Union. The project offers training and working opportunities to new generations of musicians in order to support them to reach the professional concert scene in Europe.