Misteria Paschalia

One of the most important festivals of early music in Europe, Misteria Paschalia is held every year during Holy Week. First held in 2004 following the idea of Filip Berkowicz and organised by KBF, the event showcases the most fascinating music penned between the Middle Ages and the 18th century, performed by acclaimed interpreters of early music.

The programme recalls Christian roots of European spirituality, presenting some of the most important works by early masters alongside forgotten pieces representing important compositional and performance traditions. The festival is the perfect opportunity for musical discoveries and hearing brand-new interpretations of classical music prepared through extensive studies and reconstruction.

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Martyna Pastuszka - zdjęcie
Zdjęcie przedstawiające Antonio Florio
Vincent Dumestre - zdjęcie


Since 2017, Misteria Paschalia Festival’s artistic programme has been overseen by artists-in-residence – outstanding conductors and experts in early music who bring all elements into a harmonious whole.

So far, Kraków has hosted the French conductor and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Dumestre, the scholar of early music of the British Isles John Butt, and the Italian musicologist and composer Antonio Florio. In 2020, the planned visit from Raphaël Pichon, specialising in German music, was cancelled due to the pandemic, and the online edition of the festival in 2021 didn’t have an artist-in-residence. This year’s events are overseen by Martyna Pastuszka, artistic director of the {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna ensemble.

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Anniversary edition of Misteria Paschalia! Explore the festival programme | 4–16 April 2023
Tuesday 6 December 2022

Anniversary edition of Misteria Paschalia! Explore the festival programme | 4–16 April 2023

In the coming year, we will enjoy the special 20th edition of Misteria Paschalia, which will provide an opportunity for a reminiscence journey into the past. The programme will focus on celebrating the festival’s history, its contribution to the development of the early music sector in Poland and the extraordinary bonds that have been forged […]

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Return to the Sources.  Misteria Paschalia Festival 2022
Friday 25 February 2022

Return to the Sources. Misteria Paschalia Festival 2022

Misteria Paschalia has been discovering and presenting compositions linked with Holy Week and Easter for many years. The festival continually evolves by inviting a new director-in-residence each year. Their different experiences and interests mean that every festival is unlike the previous, and we can experience events surrounding Easter with a fresh perspective. To make sure […]

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Early Mmusic Day
Sunday 21 March 2021

Early Mmusic Day

For the last nine years, the first day of spring has coincided with Early Music Day. The symbolic date is no accident, since it marks the birthday of J.S. Bach. The REMA European Early Music Network has established the event as a celebration of European music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Baroque. This […]

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Misteria Paschalia Festival
Monday 1 March 2021

Misteria Paschalia Festival

One of the most important early music festivals in Europe, Misteria Paschalia is held every year during Holy Week. Held for the 18th time, this year’s festival is a continuation of the journey through Europe launched in 2017. This time, Misteria Paschalia’s perambulations take us even further afield, exploring the music and culture of the Iberian […]

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