The concept and narration of the show gathers a thematically and formally grouped selection of Jerzy Nowosielski's works forming something like a private cosmology.

It is based on three main motifs and themes present in his painting: empirical reality (the secular sphere of the world and man), saved reality (religious sphere – church architecture) and eroticism (the so-called erotic figuration, woman, carnality, sexuality, nude). The sequence of images presents the process of “saving the infernal reality”, which is crucial for the Artist, i.e. a kind of “repairing” the world, which is a tragic reality – and as such it should be transformed by the power of art itself.

Authors of the concept:
Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Joanna Zemanek



Katarzyna Jasińska

Paulina Rybczyńska

Weronika Majewska

Natalia Sączek

Wojciech Kapela

Wydział Architektury Wnętrz ASP w Krakowie


Jerzy Nowosielski used in mapping:

Shipyard (1948), Abstraction (1958, 71 x 50 cm), Archangle’s Wing (1947), Abstraction (1958, 61 x 44 cm), Invitation to The Circus (1965), Abstraction (1969, 100 x 71 cm), Abstraction (1973, 120 x 100 cm), Abs-traction (1969, 100 x 80 cm), Abstraction (1973, 120 x 90 cm, Sołtyński Collection), Abstraction (1973, 120 x 90 cm, Private Collection), View of a Factory (1963), Landscape with a Tram (Factory) (1964), City (1964), Crossroads (1965), Fantastic Still Life (1965), Cellist (1959), Portrait with a Man with a Grey Be-ard (1961), Nude in the Interior (1961), Quartet (1962), On the Road to Emmaus (Disciples at Emmaus) (1962), Nude (1965, 80 x 60 cm), Double Portrait (1969), Toilet (1971), Nude with a Washbowl (1982), Black Woman on the Beach (1994), Female Swimmer (1955, 100 x 65 cm), Female Swimmer (1955, 53 x 39 cm), Female Swimmer (1955, 78,5 x 50,5 cm), Portrait of a Lady (1956), Double Portrait (1956), Orthodox Church Architecture (1989), Orthodox Church (1992), Orthodox Church (1990, 53 x 45 cm), Orthodox Church (1990, 63 x 45 cm), Self-portrait (1976)



Ensemble Irini, Lila Hajosi – O SIDERA (wyd. Paraty, France 2021)